Unusual Location of Giant Cell Tumor of the Tendon Sheath .. A Case Report

  • Mohammed Sh. Al-Edanni


Locking of the knee is a one of the commonest orthopedic outpatient presentation. This patient usually need magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) when there is suspected lesion in the soft tissue clinically. Meniscal tears is the first differential diagnosis when accompany with painful knee. (1, 2)
Giant cell tumor (GCT) is benign a localized nodular tenosynovitis often occur in the tendon sheath , Mostly involve the hand tendons in middle age group between 30 and 50 years old , female affect more than male.(3,4) The WHO defines two well-known kinds of giant cell tumor: (1) pigmented villonodular synovitis ( generalized type), which mainly involve the joints of the lower limb and (2) giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath ( localized type) , which usually involve the figures and small joints rarely the large one. (5, 6)
This case presented as unusual appearance of GCT arising from the suprapatellar synovial pouch.
Informed consent obtains from the patient.