Advertising Policy

  All advertisement must comply Al-Kindy College medical Journal advertising policy. Advertiser must be honest about their products and services. They should avoid misleading or offensive content to the reader. Any advertisement showing racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious bias will be rejected. Al-Kindy College Medical journal have the right to decline any types of advertisement that is inappropriate and damaging to the content of the journal.   Al-Kindy College medical Journal may change the terms at any time, excluding advert approved prior to changes. Advertiser are hold liable for the content of the advertisement (including text, illustrations, trademarks, labels, or other copyright).

Approval : All advertisement are subject for the approval of  Al-Kindy College medical Journal  and have  the right to reject and discontinue any advertisement for any reason. Advertisement is not related in any way to editorial decision, it is separate from the content of  Al-Kindy College medical Journal. 

What advert do we accept?

  • Pharmaceuticals and food supplements that are approved by Central Drug Committee
  • Medical equipment
  • Conferences
  • CME programs and workshops

 CURRENTLY, we are not accepting any advert.

  Al-Kindy College medical Journal has the right to reject or discontinue any advertising for any reason including advertising that does not follow the publication’s standard. The advertiser is liable for the completeness and correctness of the advert.