Complaints and Appeals

Policy and Process

The author may appeal the disicion of the peer review  or the publication process, the editorial board will take a prompt action on every complaint. Our policy is to ensure that complaints are dealt with in a fair and effective manner

1.Complaint about scientific content, (as an appeal against rejection)
The Editor-in-Chief considers the authors’ argument, the reviewer reports and decides whether
- The decision to reject should stand;
- Another independent opinion is required
- The appeal should be considered.
The complainant is informed of the decision with an explanation if appropriate. Decisions on appeals are final and new submissions take priority over appeals.

2.Complaint about the processes ,as the time taken to review 
The Editor-in-Chief will investigate the case. The complainant will be given appropriate feedback. Feedback is provided to improve processes and procedures.

3.Complaint about publication ethics
The Editor-in-Chief follows guidelines published by the Committee on Publication Ethics. The Editor-in-Chief decides  the appropriate action and provides feedback to the complainant. If the complainant remains dissatisfied, he can submit the complaint to the Committee on Publication Ethics.  


The complaints of the authors and readers could be sent to Editor in cheif by Email

Editor in cheif Prof.Ekhlas Khalid Hameed

[email protected]


The complaints of the authors and readers could be sent to the Editorial board as soon as possible on the email via [email protected]