Huge Chondrosarcoma of Shoulder


  • Muthana Al Assal Department of Surgery Al Kindy College of Medicine University of Baghdad.
  • Isaam Huseen Kaflawy Al Wasity Hospital Baghdad, Iraq
  • Mohammed Ali Fadhil Al Bayati Al Wasity Hospital Baghdad, Iraq
  • Usam al Najar Al Wasity Hospital Baghdad, Iraq
  • Wasan M. Widad Al Wasity Hospital Baghdad, Iraq
  • Ban Assad Al Wasity Hospital Baghdad, Iraq


Chondrosarcoma, Shoulder, Huge mass


Background: Chondrosarcoma is the second most frequent primary malignant tumor of bone. It is considered relatively an uncommon tumor. Generally it is not common for chondrosarcoma to attend huge size; however, one type was described as mesenchymal chondrosarcoma of low grade cartilaginous cells, with female predominance which can grow to exceptionally large size. Case Presentation: We report a case of Chondrosarcoma, in 30 years old woman of 4 years duration, with a huge mass (weighted 16 Kg) and roughly measured 40x30 x20cm, around the right shoulderInvestigations: Repeated MRI of the shoulder and trunk revealed a clear plane of cleavage between the tumor mass and the chest and abdominal walls and absence of invasion of the abdomen. Ultra sonography revealed clear abdominal cavity and CT of the chest revealed clear lungs of any metastasis.Treatment: A right forequarter amputation accomplished successfully and the whole tumor with the right upper extremity in one mass was removed.Outcome and Follow-up: The post operative period was uneventful. The pathological examination is consistent with well differentiated chondrosarcoma.Conclusions: It was difficult to decide whether the tumor was a primary or secondary; because of poor clinical history and her reluctance to seek medical advice, she is living in a small town 50 km south of Baghdad and there is good medical services in her area; this could reflects the social and psychological attitude towards amputation of a limb as a treatment.




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