The role of prophylactic antibiotics in nasal packing for epistaxis

  • Mohamed ibrahim ali
  • Chassan hassan raheem


Background: This study is to evaluate the necessity of prescribing prophylactic antibiotics for nasal packing in spontaneous epistaxis. There are few published papers of infective complications in such patients.

Methods: This prospective study analysed 149 consecutive patients admitted to AL-Kindy teaching hospital with spontaneous, epistaxis, who underwent nasal packing  over 2 years period . in the first  year, 78 patients received prophylactic antibiotics , In the second  year 71 patients were not given prophylatic antibiotics.  Exclusion criteria included antibiotics prescribed for unrelated  pathology and post-operative epistaxis. Signs and symptoms of acute otitis media, sinusitis and toxic shock syndrome were assessed using clinical examination and a questionnaire.

Results: :Fourteen out of 149 patients experienced otalgia, mostly following posterior nasal packing. No patient in both groups had evidence of any infective complication.

Conclusion: we do not recommend the use of prophylactic antibiotics for patients undergoing nasal packing for spontaineous epistaxis.

Author Biography

Mohamed ibrahim ali

Received at           10/6/2018

Accepted at          14/11/2018


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ali, M., & raheem, C. (2019). The role of prophylactic antibiotics in nasal packing for epistaxis. AL-Kindy College Medical Journal, 15(1), 52-55.