Microfracture Arthroscopy Efficacy In Treatment Of Articular Cartilage Insult Of Knee

  • Mohamed Baqir Alshara
Keywords: micro fracture ,, arthroscopy and articular cartilage


Background: The treatment of articular cartilage defects is one of the most clinical challeng for orthopedic surgeons. Articular cartilage is a highly organized tissue with complex biomechanical properties and substantial durability. However, it has a poor ability for healing, and damage from trauma or degeneration can result in morbidity and functional impairment. debilitating joint pain, dysfunction, and degenerative arthritis                                                                           Objectives: The purpose of study is to show effectiveness of micro fracture arthroscopy as a method of treatment for such problem .

Type of the study: Cross-sectional study.                     Methods: Arthroscopic surgery was done to 52 patients who complain of knee pain limping and show clinical or radiological evidence of cartilaginous injury and we used arthroscopic micro fracture technique for those patient who have injury of no more than4cm2 then we instruct patient to not put any weight over knee  for 2-3 months and followed clinically according to Lyshlom scor and by MRI and some of them by second look arthroscopy to assess the healing.

Results: Fifty two patients under go micro fracture arthroscopy . Thirty four patients (65.4%) reported good or excellent subjective results  , thirteen patients (25%) had fair knee function, and only five patients  (9.6%) reported poor result

Conclusions: Micro fracture arthroscopy is a   cheap effective method for repairing cartilaginous lesion .                                            

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