The Anxiety and Fear of COVID-19 Pandemic at the First Year in Dentists Working in Specialist Dental Centers


  • Sahar Abdul Hassan Al-Shatari Risafah Health Directorate - Bab Al Moatham PHC Center,, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Maryam faez khazaal Abu-Nayla Department of technical affair, Oral and dental health division, MOH, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Abdul Ganni Saddon retired, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Zinah M Hassan Bab Al-Moatham Training PHC center for Family Health Approach, Al Resafa, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Yahiya B H Al- Juboori Al-Resafa Health Directorate, Baghdad, Iraq



Anxiety, Fear, Dentist, COVID-19, Baghdad


Background: COVID-19 pandemic has influenced all life aspects; Dental staff, like other healthcare providers, may be exposed to COVID-19 as part of their work and its psychological impacts on healthcare workers should not be ignored

Objectives: To assess the anxiety, and fear from COVID-19 pandemic in dentists working in specialist dental centers: sample the Al-Resafa health directorate, and its relation between the anxiety, and COVID-19 fear with some of their demographic variables

Subjects and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 2nd Jan. to 14th Feb. 2021, by an electronic version of questionnaire through Google-form; the questionnaire was formed based on Mental-Health-American-Organization (MHAO) for anxiety test & the English-Version of the Fear of COVID-19 Scale. Analysis of data by using SPSS, Frequencies, percentages chi-square test had calculated; P-value considered significant if it's ≤0.05.

Results: The response rate was 90.43%, most of them aged less than 30 years old, female 356(60.8%), married status 295(50.3%), Rotator 297(50.7%). The study revealed that moderate anxiety 115(19.6%), moderate and mild fear of COVID-19 in 275(46.9%), severe in 120(20.5%) of them. there is a significant relation between gender &anxiety, marital status & No. of children with COVID-19 Fear.

Conclusion: One-fifth of dentists had moderate anxiety, and half of them had a mild fear of COVID-19 & one-fifth had a severe fear of COVID-19.




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Al-Shatari, S. A. H., Abu-Nayla, M. faez khazaal, Saddon, A. G., Hassan, Z. M., & Al- Juboori, Y. B. H. (2022). The Anxiety and Fear of COVID-19 Pandemic at the First Year in Dentists Working in Specialist Dental Centers. AL-Kindy College Medical Journal, 18(1), 49–55.

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