Maxillary Ameloblastic Fibroma: Two Case Reports of a Rare Tumor




Ameloblastic fibroma, maxillary tumor, mixed odontogenic tumors


Ameloblastic fibroma is a rare benign tumor usually affects the first two decades of life. The neoplasm is more predominant in mandibular molar-premolar region and rarely affects the maxilla. In this report, we present a couple of Ameloblastic fibroma cases, affecting boys at their 1st decade. The lesions were presented as swellings of their maxilla, which is atypical location. Radiographic images showed well-defined radiolucency containing areas of radio-opacities and impacted teeth. Differential diagnosis was established as cystic/neoplastic conditions. The lesions were incised and histopathologically diagnosed as Ameloblastic fibroma, since they were composed of immature odontogenic mesenchymal and epithelial cells showing different characteristic features.




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Maxillary Ameloblastic Fibroma: Two Case Reports of a Rare Tumor. (2023). AL-Kindy College Medical Journal, 19(2), 233-238.

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